Want to learn to cook? Want to learn how to entertain? You’ve come to the right place!  I’m Kay, and welcome to my kitchen. Thyme with Friends is creating a fun and inviting website to help people who want to cook but maybe haven’t yet jumped in with both hands.  My video blogs will take you step-by-step into the wonderous and never-ending world of cooking and entertaining.   

These videos will also help the seasoned cook with new perspectives and ideas.  And, if you are in the market for remodeling or designing a new kitchen, pop in on some of these videos for great advice on kitchen layout from someone who really knows how to cook.

In 2016 I published a cookbook that continues to support the North Texas Food Bank.  A group of friends and professional chefs contributed recipes and instructional videos which can be viewed by connecting to the QR Codes next to the recipes. We have sold over 400 books and have donated over 6500 meals to the Food Bank.


This is a work in progress and if there is a topic you’d like covered, contact us at  We’d love to hear from you!

Kay Goodman
Published cookbook author, member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals, Certified Life Coach, Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant specializing in creating personalized ceremonies and celebrations across the life-cycle.