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Utensils & Equipment for the Beginner Cook

Updated: May 15, 2021

This video is for the new cook who is ready to outfit their kitchen for basic cooking. This is not a comprehensive list but should be sufficient for the beginner. The products mentioned in the video are linked to the website in case you would like to purchase them. They may not be the exact items shown in the video, but we chose new and improved items where possible. Thanks to Matthew Bennett for co-starring in this episode of the Thyme with Friends video series. Thank you for your patience while we learn video editing and website set up!

Recommended products from this video are listed below. Prices are the same as the host website prices. We do make a small (very small) commission for using my link to buy which helps to support our efforts. If ordering more than one of these items, please click back to this website to click on the direct link. Thank you for your support!

Click on the product name to purchase directly from host site.

OXO Can Opener Mixing Bowls Ice Cream Scoop (coming soon)


Not mentioned but could be equally important:

InstantPot I have no experience with this product (yet), but others RAVE about it.

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