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Kay Goodman

Welcome to My Kitchen!

Thyme With Friends started out as a cool idea to create a cookbook and videos with my amazing friends, who also happen to be incredible cooks. I've always enjoyed cooking with friends and family and I wanted to do something that we could look back on, years down the road, and say, "Wow, we did that!"

So, I asked my friends if they would be interested in doing this with me. And, to my delight, everyone wanted to participate! I have had the time of my life creating this memorable cookbook and sharing my experiences with all of you.

Where it All Began

Both of my parents were great cooks! My dad was a cook in the Navy in WWII, and he could grill a T-Bone steak on his home-made 55-gallon drum grill that would melt in your mouth.  I still haven’t figured out how he did it.  


My mother was always trying new ways to get me and my siblings to eat the vegetables that came out of our garden. She made fried zucchini before there were even recipes for it.


Our summer evenings were spent gathering produce and prepping it for the winter months. I swore I would never snap another bean when I grew up, but I find myself now tending two raised vegetable beds and giving away the extra to neighbors.  Some things never change. 

My Story

The recipe that started it all...

A French recipe for Chicken in Calvados and Cream. The dish blew me away and introduced me to the beauty and simplicity of French cuisine.

Why I enjoy cooking...

I love the entire process of cooking and entertaining, from selecting the menu to hugging friends and family as they arrive. Cooking is a spiritual experience for me that touches all of the senses. Entertaining allows me to enjoy what I’ve created and share it with friends, which is the proverbial icing on the cake. 

NTFB logo.jpg

The North Texas Food Bank is near and dear to my heart. When I started this project, I wanted to honor my mother's legacy by continuing to help the food-challenged population.


She was in her nineties when I started the cookbook and she was my first inspiration in the kitchen. As a child, I would sit on the counter beside the stove top and stir something while she prepared another dish. She volunteered at the local Interfaith Ministries Food Pantry for many, many years.


Contributing to the North Texas Food Bank enables me keep her spirit alive in the work that I do. Cookbook sales have generated over $3,200, providing almost 10,000 meals to Texans in need. Thank you for helping me honor her memory!

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