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Chef Thomas Keller's newest cookbook.  Absolutely GORGEOUSLY photographed.  I want to eat the pages!  Tells the story of his career, the history of his restaurants, and some of the famous recipes you'll eat at French Laundry or Per Se.  Recipes are challenging, but with some imagination you can adapt them to items you can find and invent in your own kitchen.  A great gift for any foodie or gourmet restaurant junky.  

Need a little comic relief?  Who doesn't?  This is a delightful, tongue-in-cheek, sarcasticly written cookbook from 1960.  With recipes such as Skid Road Stroganoff, Fake Hollandaise, and Cockeyed Cake, your menu will at least be lots of laughs.  Plus great advice and down to earth attitudes about cooking.  GREAT present!

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