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Chilly - Chili Weather Recipe

Chilly Chili Weather is on its way! I made this recipe Monday, and we loved it. Excellent, easy, healthy, and versatile recipe.

Here are my cooking notes:

Used Bush's prepared Pinto Beans instead of making the linked recipe. I drained them and then added a cup or so of vegetable broth for liquid. Used a decent pinch of red pepper flake instead of a red pepper. I don't like canned pre-cut tomatoes, so I used whole tomatoes, crushed them with my hand before adding, and added the tomato juice. Used butternut squash in 3/4 inch cubes (could also use acorn). One could add corn, red bell pepper, black beans, Swiss chard, or any vegetable really. It could use something for a crunch, maybe garnish with finely chopped celery or tortilla chips to give it texture.

Side note: I love using the NYTimes cooking site. Not only can you put your favorite NYTimes recipes in your recipe box, you can add recipes from other websites. I always read the comments sections before I make one of their recipes to get additional ideas and warnings for the dish, and some comments are quite entertaining.

Have a great Thyme cooking!

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